MageToday is a young and flexible team of Magento 2 developers. In 2012, the company was originally founded as a development department for a medium-sized Dutch e-commerce company. From our network there was a lot of interest for the modules we developed. As a result, the department has become a separate branch of our company. Until 2018 we did not publish any of our modules, but only delivered them to our regular customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We feel that we want to share our work with the rest of the world. Our strength is that we are not only developers but also operate webshops ourselves. That is why our knowledge is broader than the code. We know everything about growth, increasing sales, marketing and usability.

Magetoday is a part of 6WAYS

We are located in a small village near Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Our address:
Westgaag 94 a,
3155 DJ Maasland,
The Netherlands

If you want to visit us, please contact us first.

Dutch Chamber of Commerce (CoC/KvK):


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