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The connector is an essential module for every Magento 2 store owner that is also a Bol seller. is one of the busiest online warehouses in the Netherlands & Belgium and they allow 3rd party sellers to list their products on it's website. Instead of having to maintain your orders and product information like prices and stock manually, this module will automatically sync order information from- and product information to your seller account.

Features Magento 2 Connector

  • Communicates directly with the API. No third party intervention or server needed.
  • Synchronize product stock quantities and prices from Magento to
  • Automatically import orders to Magento.
  • Choose the default storeview to import Bol orders to.
  • Sell products without managed stock to Bol by setting a default qty for products without managed stock.
  • Optionally let this module automatically create Magento products if an order with a non-existing Magento product is imported.
  • Merges several order items into one Magento order if they are ordered by the same person on the same address.
  • Compare and quickly adapt your prices to the lowest prices of other sellers.
  • Enter a price formula to change your Magento prices to prices or overwrite the price on product level.
  • Debug offer rejects from within the synchronization queue.
  • Ship an order in your account from within Magento.
  • All synchronizations are processed by the cron so your Magento storefront is not slowed down.
  • Easy to customize with plugins. For example to sync variable estimated delivery times to or add custom shipping carriers.
  • Mass export Magento 2 SKU's to the Bol ReferenceCode field (mapping by EAN).
  • Mass refresh stock qty and prices via the command line.
  • Send emergency e-mail to the administrator in case of fatal errors in the communication between and your Magento store.
More Information

Composer repository & installation available

After buying the Connector for Magento 2, you can find the Composer installation instructions in your account > my composer repositories. Plaza Connector for Magento 2, designed for

  • Current sellers that want to manage their orders, product prices and/or product stock trough Magento.
  • Current Magento store owners that want to expand their business to the marketplace.

The connector automates the import of orders to Magento and makes exporting products to easier. It keeps the product prices and product stock between Magento 2 and in sync.

Workflow for a successfull sync

After installation you have to configure your Seller API credentials as found in your Seller Account. Also each product you want to sync to needs an attribute containing the EAN code. You can select the attribute with the EAN codes in the configuration. Enable the sync_with_bol attribute for the products you want to sync to Bol and you should be good to go. Before you enable automatic order import it is highly recommended that you read the preparation steps in the documentation and you walk trough the configuration options.

Benefits of the connector

This module provides administrative benefits: for enabled products, each stock qty change in Magento is synchronized to your Bol seller account. Each order is synced to Magento so the stock QTY in Magento decreases and the order is manageable in from within Magento. Invoices are automatically created an shipping can be done trough the Magento backend. This saves the store administrator a lot of time because fewer manual tasks are required too manage both the Magento store and the seller account. Besides that, the module has options to compare and adjust prices and automatically apply a price formula.

Also customers will benefit because stock and prices are in sync so they can't buy sold out items and they will be able to buy items as soon as they arrive in stock.

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