Pushover Order Notifications

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Pushover Order Notifications is a module for Magento® 2 to send a push notification to your device(s) when a new order is placed in your Magento® 2 store. The push notifications are sent over the cron to a Pushover account and will therefore not slow down the checkout process.

The new order push notifications display the order number, amount of processing orders, order item SKU’s or titles and the order amount.

Account & Pricing

Note: in order to start using this module you need to have an existing or create a new Pushover account and download the Pushover app to at least one device (available for Android, iOS & Desktop). The Pushover app costs $ 4.99 once per platform (iOS, Android, Desktop) after a 7-day trial. More information about the cost of Pushover can be found in the Pushover FAQ.

Easy to configure

After the module is installed you will only need to configure your Pushover credentials to make the module work. Besides that you can choose a custom notification sound and choose if you want to display the SKU’s or full product names in the order notifications.


This module sends the new order notifications to Pushover. To receive the notifications on your (mobile) device you need to create a Pushover account and download the Pushover app to a iOS, Android or Desktop device for a one-time $ 4.99 fee per platform. More about Pushover and the cost of the application can be found in the Pushover FAQ.

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